The Directors

The Directors serve a broad client base, from personal taxation to groups of companies, and have the wide experience needed to deal with the infinite variety of commercial and taxation situations which can arise.

Easy access to the Directors is essential and our practice is organised to allow this whenever possible. We believe that we should be part of the decision making function whenever clients feel that we can help.

This practice has grown on the success of our client base and will continue to do so.

We pride ourselves on the support that we are able to offer new business ventures. This can range from proper financial planning, including profit projections and cash flow forecasts, right through to comprehensive payroll and bookkeeping services and the preparation of interim Management Information.

Ian Randle FCA

Qualified in 1988


Alan Davies FCA

Qualified in 1992


Richard Smith ACA

Qualified in 1994


Simon Megeney

Joined in 2005


Max Retallack ACCA

Qualified in 2005


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